About Us

We warmly welcome paid staff members of congregations regional staff as well as non-paid volunteers passionate about membership work to join us. The benefits of joining UUAMP are many:

  • Educational opportunities such as bimonthly Book Discussion Groups and Webinars, Best Practices seminars and workshops at Local, Regional, and National conferences.
  • Opportunities for professional growth and renewal at our annual Pre-GA Professional Day.
  • Opportunities for interacting with others doing membership work on our UUAMP Facebook Page and email Listserve – sharing both our challenges and triumphs.
  • An updated website full of practical and immediately usable tools and resources.
  • A Mentoring Program available for new UUAMP Members.
  • Networking opportunities for all Members by email or phone to problem solve.
  • Fellowship and support from colleagues who share your vision and goals.
  • An opportunity to advocate for the professionalization of the important ministry of membership professionals.
  • Organizational voting rights within UUAMP on issues affecting the future of our faith.
  • Increase your value to your congregation by professional development and from sharing of fresh insights, new perspectives and best practices.

You can fill out the membership application to become a member today!

Unitarian Universalist Association of Membership Professionals

Covenant of the Board of Directors

Our work together springs from our mutual passion for membership work. Upon that foundation we build this covenant.

  • The mission of UUAMP is the board’s primary and ultimate guide.
  • We value mutuality, collegiality and collaboration, therefore we promise to bring open hearts and open minds to our work together. We will practice and cultivate honesty, trust, and appropriate vulnerability.
  • We promise to be accountable and to hold one another accountable for effective leadership. We promise to ask for help, to be open to help and to offer help when it would be beneficial.
  • We promise to listen even when it is hard and to speak the truth as we see it, even when it is hard.
  • As a board, we speak with one voice. Our ideal is consensus, but if consensus cannot be reached, we will acknowledge and concede the greater authority to the person leading the area that is most closely affected in the matter at hand and others may agree to stand aside for the sake of resolution and unity.
  • We promise to balance confidentiality with transparency for the health of the association and to seek “the wisdom to know the difference.”


Mission Statement

The Mission of UUAMP is to develop and support the ministry of membership
through professional  development and collaboration.

The Board’s 2017—2018 goals:

– Increase awareness about our open membership to all passionate about the ministry of membership
– Grow regional networks
– Clear and concise communication with our members

UUAMP History

Since our first Annual Meeting and inception, UUAMP has been very active. We have a bi-monthly webinar program as well as a bi-monthly book group. We have hosted workshops for District Assemblies as well as other gatherings. We have also started work on a certification program and applied for a grant through the Unitarian Universalist Funding Program.
Interconnections Article, December 2013
Interconnections Article, October 2011

Professional Day and First Annual Meeting
We hosted a Professional Day at General Assembly on June 22, 2011 to kick off the start of UUAMP. We featured Harlan Limpert as the keynote speaker, had breakout sessions and shared resources. At the Business Meeting, we voted and approved a mission statement, bylaws, membership dues, a board of directors and committee members for Audit and Nominating.
Annual Meeting Minutes
Year in Review 2010-2011

Large Congregations Conference
The UUAMP Steering Committee put on a workshop at the Large Congregations Conference in Minneapolis.

Steering Committee
In June of 2010, 10 people volunteered to be on a steering committee to start the work of becoming a UUA related association for Membership Professionals.


UU World Article “It’s About More than Membership” from 10/17/16

UU World Article “80 congregations now hire membership professionalsfrom 10/6/14
UU World Article “UU membership professionals form own organization” from 8/24/09

Corie Jason serves as the Connections Coordinator at the UU Church of Greater Lansing, MI. Her role was developed in 2011, and she enjoys it’s ever evolving ministry! In the past, Corie has worked in non-profit neighborhood capacity building and education. She began her journey with UUAMP as an At-Large UUAMP Board member and is excited to continue the work of this organization.


Unitarian Universalist Church of Greater Lansing
Connections Coordinator
Lansing, Michigan
517- 351-4081 ext. 106


UUAMP President’s Roles & Responsibilities:

marieMarie Luna has been the Congregational Life Coordinator at the Fox Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Appleton, WI since July, 2005. Marie was part of the planning group that started UUAMP and has served as UUAMP President for the past four years before moving into the Vice President role.

Fox Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
Congregational Life Coordinator
Appleton, WI

UUAMP Vice President’s Roles & Responsibilities:

tina-lAs Membership Director at Unity Temple in Oak Park, IL, Tina Lewis serves as the lead staff member for membership recruitment and retention, volunteer and leadership development, and congregational life activities. She has been the Treasurer since 2015, and an At-Large member previously.

Unity Temple
Membership Director
Oak Park, IL

UUAMP Treasurer’s Roles and Responsibilities:

Jeanne Sears has worked at First Unitarian Society since 2009. She carries experience of twenty years in a non -profit agency. She has been on the UUAMP board in many capacities, including Secretary for the past two years.

First Unitarian Society
Coordinator of Member Programs
Madison, WI
608-233- 9774

UUAMP Secretary’s Roles & Responsibilities:

kim-hKim Hayden has worked at Neighborhood Unitarian Universalist Church since 2007 and prior to that worked as a museum educator and fundraiser. She has been on the UUAMP Board since 2015.

Neighborhood Unitarian Universalist Church
Director of Membership and Communications
Pasadena, California

denise-gRev. Denise Gyauch has been the Membership Coordinator since 2005 at the First UU Church of Nashville. Recently ordained as a UU minister, Denise left her Membership Coordinator position to explore the world of being a minister!  She continues to find in UUAMP a valuable source of information, support, and collegiality in her ministry work, and is excited about the organizational work that has been undertaken in recent years, including the ongoing project of developing a credentialing program.




David Vita has worked at The Unitarian Church in Westport since 2012, as both the Membership Coordinator and Social Action Director. He is passionate about growing Unitarian Universalism and has a willingness to serve our faith and this organization.



UUAMP Members-at-Large Roles & Responsibilities:

Valerie Lynch
Community Church of New York
Membership Coordinator
New York, NY

Hannah Hotchkiss
First UU Congregation of Ann Arbor
Welcome Ministries Coordinator
Ann Arbor, MI

UUAMP Nominating Committee Members Roles & Responsibilities:

Sarah Masters
Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington
Director of Congregational Life
(703) 892-2565

Bonnie Guyer Graham
Olympia UU Church
Connections Coordinator
Olympia, WA
(360) 786-6383

UUAMP Audit Committee Members Roles & Responsibilities

UUAMP Bylaws

These bylaws were voted on and approved at our Annual Meeting at our Professional Day at General Assembly.

Please contact Marie Luna, UUAMP Vice President, with comments or suggestions at marie@fvuuf.org

[gview file=”http://uuamp.org//wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Bylaws-June-2015.pdf” save=”0″]

Who We Are


UUAMP Members at 2015 GA

UUAMP is comprised of about 120 members, both paid and volunteer, working in congregations with membership as one of the main components of their job. We also welcome staff from regions and the UUA staff to join us in supporting our mission.

We are led by an elected Board of Trustees.