Welcome to the Unitarian Universalist Association of Membership Professionals (UUAMP).
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Our association was founded in 2011 to help membership professionals find the resources and other support they need.

We also feel it is important to support all congregations, whether they have a paid staff person or not, so in 2015, we voted to open our membership and support to ALL passionate about the ministry of membership. We welcome you!

The benefits of joining UUAMP are many:

  • Educational opportunities such as book discussion groups and webinars, and workshops at local, regional, and national conferences.
  • Opportunities for professional and lay leader growth and renewal at our Professional Day gatherings.
  • Opportunities for interacting with others doing this important work on our UUAMP Facebook group where instant feedback and sharing help us with our challenges and successes.
  • A website full of practical and immediately usable tools and resources.
  • Networking opportunities for all members by email or phone to problem solve.
  • Fellowship and support from others who understand your vision and goals.
  • An opportunity to advocate for the professionalization of the important ministry of membership professionals.
  • Organizational voting rights within UUAMP on issues affecting the future of our faith.
  • Opportunities for professional development that includes sharing of fresh insights, new perspectives, and best practices.

Come and explore, grow and learn with us!

We warmly welcome paid staff in congregations, as well as lay leaders who are passionate about the ministry of belonging!
If you're ready to become a member, simply fill out our online membership form.

Memberships renew annually and you will be contacted on your renewal date.

"Membership professionals and lay leaders are in a unique position to help our congregations grow in many ways. Not only do we help people join our congregations, but we also help those members grow on their spiritual paths and in community."

– Marie Luna, UUAMP Co-Founder