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The mission of UUAMP is to develop and support the ministry of membership through professional development and collaboration.

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Our membership is open to ALL who are passionate about the UU Faith.       We have created a space of support, connection and continued education for all who wish to grow their UU communities.

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Join the community of certified membership professionals, gaining knowledge and insight through education and mentoring opportunities.  Apply Here!

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What is UUAMP?

Unitarian Universalist Association of Membership Professionals
“Membership professionals are in a unique position to help our congregations grow in many ways. Not only do we help people join our congregations, but we also help those members grow on their spiritual paths and in community. Though there are fewer membership professionals than most other staff positions, more and more congregations are understanding the importance of having someone dedicated to the membership role. UUAMP is an effort to make sure congregations have a place to go for membership questions and concerns.”

- Marie Luna, UUAMP Co-Founder

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