PRO DAYS 2022 

THEME: ReNew and ReInspire

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$25 for UUAMP Members, $40 for those who are not yet members

Day 1: Wednesday, June 8 2-3:30 pm Pacific/4-5:30 pm Central/5-6:30 pm Eastern

  • CHALICE LIGHTING &WELCOME (2-2:45 pm Pacific/4-4:45 pm Central/5-5:45 pm Eastern) 
    • Prompt question: What is something you created during covid and now want to keep?
  • JOYS & CONCERNS (2:45-3:30 P/4:45-5:30 C/5:45-6:30 E)
    • A time to share our ups, downs, and in-betweens
    • Milestones & Millstones - An introductory conversation about tomorrow’s “Task Force” topic on professional transitions. 

Day 2: Thursday, June 9: Business Meeting + Keynote Noon-2 pm Pacific/2-4 pm Central/3-5 pm Eastern

OPENING & BUSINESS MEETING 12-12:40 P/2-2:40 C/3-3:40 E

    1. VOTE to remove Article VI/A from the bylaws.
    2. VOTE to revise Article IV/E.
      1. Current wording:

  • Proposed edit:
    • The Treasurer shall be responsible for:
      • The financial records for the collection of annual dues and registration fees for Professional Days and any other monies paid to UUAMP.
      • Overseeing the disbursement of funds for UUAMP expenditures.
      • The maintenance of the financial records of the Association.
      • The completion of a professional audit and communicating results to members.
      • An annual report at the annual meeting which will include a financial report since the last annual meeting.
  • Nominations Report
  • The Year of the Task Force
    • A quick poll of potential initiatives:
      • Nominations 2.0
      • Membership Consultants
      • GA Team
      • Programming/Small Group Ministry 
      • Milestones & Millstones - Professional Transitions
      • Certification
      • Share Ministry: Extending Our Reach with Other Religious Professionals
      • What else?
  • Appreciations
  • Adjournment
BIO BREAK/ReGathering/Introduction of the KEYNOTE SPEAKER 12:40-12:50 pm P/2:40-2:50 pm C/3:40-3:50 pm E 
KEYNOTE ADDRESS:  Dr. Janice Johnson  12:50-1:50 P/2:50-3:50 C/3:40-4:40 E
CLOSING 1:50-2 pm P/3:50-4 pm C/4:50-5 pm E
  • GA! 
  • Extinguishing the Chalice