Got Members?

Since our inception in 2009 and official establishment as an organization in 2011, the Unitarian Universalist Association of Membership Professionals (UUAMP) has been committed to the Ministry of Membership. Though UUAMP’s official name includes the word “professional,” our membership includes volunteer leaders who are passionate about membership and growing our UU communities.

Like all religious professionals, congregational members and friends, we’ve come together to meet the challenges of the pandemic creatively. Our reach is widest when we collaborate. We continue to prioritize regular times for all UUAMP members to gather for support, resource sharing, and deeper focus on the ever-changing needs of serving in membership ministry. We’re committed to offering annual professional days with a diversity of keynote speakers and workshop presenters, and we encourage UUAMP members to participate in our comprehensive, self-paced certification program.

As UUAMP members, we know the value of membership in a professional organization. And now we have data to support what we all know, thanks to our UUAMP Administrator, Mandy Cowley! The data below connecting member retention in congregations to membership in UUAMP is compelling.

This is an excerpt from our findings. CLICK HERE for the full report.

Though our job descriptions may vary, we all do the important work of membership ministry.
We’re grateful to be alongside you in this work.

Caron ArmstrongUUAMP Board President on behalf of the
UUAMP Board: Kristin Cleveland, Nicole Duff, Peggy Garrigues, Ashley Lessa, Garnett Losak, Sarah Masters