Help Your Congregation Connect to UU History and Identity

Peggy Garrigues, Director of Congregational Life at the UU Society in Coralville, Iowa, would like to offer the possibility of a weekly electronic article about UU history that you could publish in your weekly email or bulletin, or choose selections to include in your monthly newsletter. Most of the entries will be taken from the book This Day in Unitarian Universalist History, by Frank Schulman, that is published by Skinner House Books. Peggy will pay the permission fee if enough congregations are interested.

Each week, subscribers will receive approximately five to seven entries of events that happened related to Unitarian, Universalist, or UU history for that week over the last several centuries. The entries will be sent out several weeks ahead of time, so you could include in either weekly or monthly publications by your congregation. Each week the entries will include events related to people of color, women, or someplace outside of the US to the extent that the information is available in the book. As time goes on, Peggy will be also seek input for events from other sources beyond the book.

If at least 45 congregations are interested, the annual subscription fee will be $10 which will cover the cost of the permission to publish. Please fill out the attached link if your congregations is interested in subscribing. There will be commitment at this time. Peggy will be in touch with the results of the interest form. Email Peggy with questions. 

Please fill out this form to express interest.